Customer Relationship Management



The power of Infor CRM




Infor believes that for CRM to be effective, it must be flexible. Our customer interaction hub concept lets you combine solutions to drive a complete 360° customer view across all your channels, implement real-time decisioning to ensure you're targeting the right offer to the right customer, at the right time; and transform your marketing creative and project management into a streamlined, efficient powerhouse. Integrated marketing resource management, marketing, sales, service, and lead management enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and profitability.


The Infor CRM advantage



Infor CRM customers can:

  • Create and execute campaigns in 50% less time.
  • Manage campaigns with 30% fewer employees.
  • Increase response rates by up to 400% and gain quicker feedback on effectiveness (Lead & Opportunity Tracking).
  • Reduce direct mail by up to 95%, with less frequent, more "on message" contacts (Contact Management).
  • Increase visibility over call-center performance.
  • Link Infor ERP systems and data to the front-end lead management in Salesforce for sales forecasting (Inforce).


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