Doc-Trak enables you to quickly access up-to-date information so you can make timely business decisions.

Doc-Trak enables you to link and view documents and other critical information directly from SyteLine—and eliminate the need to search through numerous filing cabinets to locate CAD drawings, assembly instructions, customer paperwork, vendor-supplied documents, brochures and other vital sources of information. With Doc-Trak, you’ll take an enormous step toward creating paperless operations from the office to the shop floor.

You’ll also reduce costs associated with managing and storing paper documents. And with easy access to information required for quick and effective decision-making, you’ll be able to develop a flexible manufacturing process that’s more competitive and profitable. Since everyone has real-time access to information, you’ll create a more collaborative organization.

So, if you’re interested in reducing the massive effort your employees expend dealing with paper-based documentscontact us for more information.