"If you work just for money you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours". - Ray Kroc

"It is not the employer who pays the wages.  Employers only handle the money.  It is the customer who pays the wages." - Henry Ford

SyteLine Service Management

Improving efficiencies of the service operation

SyteLine Service Management (formerly FS-Plus) is a flexible, robust service management solution meeting the specific needs of organizations which manufacture, install or service complex products. Its features cover the full spectrum of the service life cycle, from equipping the contact center with accurate customer and equipment data to tracking labor and materials needed for timely billing and service analysis. SyteLine Service Management ensures a smooth flow of information between personnel, departments and service functions. It eliminates costly gaps in communication which can allow profits to slip away--just as every error, delay, missed opportunity and dissatisfied customer is a weak point where profits can escape. Improving efficiencies within the service department allows companies to maximize productivity and minimize waste of resources. Streamlining operations helps turn the service center into a profit center.

Features include:

Contact Center. Providing the call center with easy access to detailed data enables fast response to inquiries and work order creation.

Work Orders. Track and manage work orders to ensure timely completion of service requests, accurate billing and customer satisfaction.

Scheduling and Dispatch. Visibility of each technician’s schedule, certification levels and experience simplifies dispatching the technician best suited to the need, increasing resolution rates and minimizing non-essential trips back to the warehouse.

Plant Maintenance. Schedule preventative maintenance for internal assets in order to prevent unexpected downtimes, extend the lifecycle of equipment and maximize warranty cost savings.  Service contracts. Track and manage service level agreements with maximum efficiency. Visibility into the contract details, unit and service history allows for informed decision making and provides opportunities to upsell or extend service agreements.

Depot Repair. Manage product returns for repair, refurbishment or shipment to a third party vendor.

Service History. Access to complete historicals, including customer profile, unit description, contract status and service history, enables informed decision making and fast response to customer inquiries

Analytics. Integrated data, total visibility and accurate tracking make it easy to analyze data down to the detail level. Flexible reporting aids in decision making, planning and providing engineering with valuable information needed to adapt product or part designs.

Multi-National. Field Service-Plus also supports multiple languages and currencies and has the ability to support local regulations. Its flexibility means it can grow with the organization and meet its expanding needs.