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iShop Customer Portal

Give your customers online access to the information they need.

  The Problem: Your customers expect instant access to their account
  and order information twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.  Providing
  customer service representatives around the clock is cost-prohibitive and

  The Solution: LogicData’s Customer Portal for SyteLine is the internet
  based view for your customers into their SyteLine data. You control
  exactly what SyteLine information you want your customers to see, 
  while enabling them to access that data at their convenience.

  Selectively publish ANY SyteLine data to your customers over the internet!

  With a secure customer login you can grant your customers access to:

  • Customer Orders
  • Order Lines
  • RMAs
  • Account Information
  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Online Invoice Payment
  • Inventory
  • Service Repairs
  • Now integrated in iShop


 A View into SyteLine


With LogicData’s Customer Portal for SyteLine you can instantly give your customers access to pre-defined report views of their data:

  • Customer Orders
  • Customer Order Lines
  • Customer Order Shipments
  • RMAs
  • Account (AR) information
  • And any other information you wish to publish from the SyteLine back-end

 You can also provide them a self service web page where they can see their open invoices and pay their invoices online
 with a credit card



 You control what information you wish your customers to see. Additionally, you can turn off any of the pre-defined
 views, modify them, and create your own.

 With the Portal’s drag ‘n drop tools you can easily add or remove fields from any view or reorder the field’s display.

 You can rename and re-format individual fields to your specifications and needs.

 System Requirements

  • SyteLine 8 or 9
  • credit card gateway (for online invoice payment)
  • SQL Server 2008R2 or later w/ CPU licensing
  • Your own merchant account for credit card transactions


Contact Sales for Pricing          Available for SyteLine Versions 7 & 8         Download .pdf here