Credit Card Module for SyteLine



Don't Feed Your Customers to the Sharks

Now you can process credit card orders and payments securely through SyteLine! 

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Problem...  More and more customers are wanting to use credit cards for paying their order and their outstanding invoices. This creates challenges for tracking the card, getting authorization for the order amount, ensuring the credit is still available prior to shipment, and capturing funds against the invoice as payment in accounts receivable.  

Security becomes a significant concern when customers give you their credit card information.

Solution..LogicData Credit Card Module for SyteLine provides a secure and automated system for accepting credit cards from your customers during the order entry process, for paying invoices already posted, and for paying for Service Repair Orders in Service Management Module.

Now you can input the customer’s credit card information directly into the secure environment against the specific customer order or SRO. To support PCI Compliance for your organization, no credit card data is entered into SyteLine, which removes SyteLine and your servers from the scope of PCI Compliance. 

When you’ve entered the order with any freight, sales tax and additional charges, the Credit Card Module allows you to acquire credit authorization against the customer’s card, securing the amount of credit required for the order or merely validating the card leaving the customer's credit untouched. If your are authorizing the amount of credit and the authorization fails, the customer order can be placed on credit hold for review or until a valid card is obtained..

Nightly processes check for any expired authorizations and optionally place those orders on credit hold to prevent accidental shipment. A report is provided to the credit manager with notification of all orders whose authorization has expired.


After shipment and invoicing, an automated process captures funds and creates a payment record against the specific invoice, releasing the credit authorization on the customer’s card if one had been obtained. Special user screens are provided to re-authorize a card whose authorization has expired, and manually capture funds if necessary.


** Newly introduced functionality now allows you to pay customer invoices in Accounts Receivable with a credit card transaction.

** Accept multiple credit cards on a single customer order.

** Reuse customer credit cards stored on Authorize.Net on future orders.

** With the tie in to Pick Pack Ship, the user can no longer make the mistake of putting a credit card order together with a terms order, allowing for proper capture of funds.


All credit card data is stored with, the largest payment gateway in the world, owned and operated by VISA.  SyteLine never touches the credit card data, ensuring a PCI auditor will not need to look at SyteLine's security and technology as part of their review.


Because the credit card information is entered only once for the customer order or SRO, duplicate data entry and the associated errors are eliminated.  Clerical staff no longer need to log onto a credit card processing terminal to re-key the data, nor enter the information a third time in accounts receivable. 

Available for SyteLine versions 8.02.11 and newer

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