Infor Supply Chain Planning

Margin-driven supply chain management wasn't even possible a few years ago, but today it can make the difference between leading your industry and falling behind. Competitive companies need advanced systems that let them see and act instantly on all of the metrics, KPIs, costs, and margins that make a business consistently successful. Infor Planning solutions help you deal clearly with the complexity of your supply chain at the appropriate level of detail without compromise, and help you understand the impact of the decisions you make.

What it is

Infor Supply Chain Planning is a comprehensive suite of integrated applications that offer the best tools for achieving top performance in a critical area of supply chain planning. Together they give you a complete picture of how well your supply chain is working and how you can make it work better.

What it does

Your ERP system addresses your company's present and past. But lasting success depends on your ability to deal with the future. The unparalleled breadth and depth of Infor Supply Chain Planning helps you address the challenges of tomorrow. Empower your teams to make informed decisions with a range of powerful features that include:

  • Infor Sales & Operations PlanningStreamline information flow across all departments and all levels of your company to create a comprehensive plan based on vertical and horizontal collaboration and close the gap between operations and executive business strategy.
  • Infor Demand PlanningWith powerful features for increasing forecast accuracy, Infor Demand Planning combines a Demand Forecasting module with sophisticated forecasting algorithms, Inventory Planner, and Replenishment Planner modules, a Collaboration module to keep all forecasts in your company synchronized, and a Sales and Operations Reporting module to monitor the accuracy and effectiveness of your plans.
  • Infor Advanced PlanningEnsure that your supply chain plan is the best one for your business. Infor Advanced Planning does the work for you, calculating all trade-offs and ensuring that you have an optimized manufacturing plan that satisfies all constraints and makes the best use of your assets.
  • Infor Advanced SchedulingCombining powerful constraint-based logic with optimization, Infor Advanced Scheduling simultaneously schedules all operations on all production lines, including any interdependencies, to deliver a totally synchronized schedule-down to the minute.
  • Infor Supplier ExchangeAn advanced, web-enabled supplier relationship management solution facilitating effective, efficient collaboration and execution with suppliers, regardless of where they are, what systems they use, or what language they speak.


What it means

Infor Supply Chain Planning helps you turn planning from an art into a science and get the most productive and profitable results. This suite of interactive and intuitive solutions adds powerful new efficiencies to both complex discrete manufacturers as well as batch-process production environments.

The Infor Supply Chain Planning difference

Unlike other solutions, Infor Supply Chain Planning uniquely offers:

  • A unique, advanced statistical forecasting engine (Bayesian) that helps you drive your business based on actual demand rather than shipping history.
  • The ability to account for volume-based constraints such as tanks, ovens, and freezers to maximize throughput at least cost.
  • Comprehensive "what if" simulations that allow you to make decisions based on the most complete information.
  • The ability to generate detailed models across multiple functional areas to maximize utilization across all assets simultaneously.