Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Commit Now. Deliver on Time.

Infor ERP SyteLine Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) allows manufacturers to consistently and cost-effectively meet customer order due dates. Its lean planning and scheduling processes concurrently synchronize material and capacity uses to customer orders while minimizing operational overhead. Infor SyteLine APS is part of Infor SyteLine ERP, putting customer orders at the center of your business model. Synchronizing all the factory's various demands with materials and capacity constraints lets manufacturers obtain precise promise dates for all customer orders.

Unlike older MRP software, SyteLine APS combines capacity constraints with your material plan, alerts you when orders and replenishments will be late, and synchronizes your plan to your customers' demands.

SyteLine APS enhances SyteLine's planning and scheduling by integrating all key production elements - materials, production capacity, process sequence, and facility schedules - into a near-term, real-time horizon planning and execution tool. APS is a strategic weapon in your efforts to improve competitiveness, profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction. It dynamically synchronizes the flow of materials and the use of resources (machines, personnel, tooling, fixtures, etc.) throughout the entire system so you can match promises to actual delivery dates.

Infor SyteLine APS enables you to:

  • Improve customer service and on-time delivery
  • Achieve cost-savings and a quick return on investment
  • Reduce expediting and overtime
  • Decrease disruptions on the plant floor
  • Reduce work-in-process and finished goods inventories
  • Reduce manufacturing lead-times and increase throughput.

Infor SyteLine APS features:

  • Real-time Capable-to-Promise
  • Reliable manufacturing planning
  • Accurate production scheduling
  • What-if analysis with up to 1,000 alternative plans
  • Order prediction
  • Why Late analysis

APS Downloadable Resources

Infor SyteLine ERP provides the extended ERP products your company needs to focus on customer needs and compete in this ever-changing world.