"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." - Henry Ford

10 Steps to ERP Implementation Success

Without successful implementation, total cost of ownership of your ERP system can increase, exponentially.  

For more than 30 years, LogicData has continually refined and improved its implementation process to ensure our clients benefit from an efficient, focused, cost effective implementation strategy maximizing our client’s Return on Investment (ROI).  Because of LogicData’s vast implementation experience, clients rarely experience a cost or time overrun, unless the client expands the scope or changes the timeline.  

While many of the steps within LogicData’s implementation methodology may mirror those of other companies, there are specific areas, such as our extensive vertical and horizontal testing procedures, that make this process unique and critical to a well-implemented solution.

A great product, badly implemented, results at best in frustration and at worst in failure. 

1. System Installation (hardware and software) 6. System Personalizations
2. Planning, Scope & Tactical Project Development 7. Horizontal & Procedural Pilots
3. Training 8. Cut Over Planning
4. Piloting & Procedure Development 9. End User Training
5. Data Mapping 10. Final Conversion & Go-live


But the key to a great ERP implementation is Conference Room Piloting.

Conference Room Pilots (CRP) enable your Implementation Team to determine the proper system configuration, ‘test drive’ the configured system, verify operational processes, and document further changes and/or enhancements that are needed. Through Vertical, Horizontal, Procedural Review and Procedural Plot, CRPs ensure your system does what you need it to do and how you need it done.

Vertical Pilot
The Vertical Work Flow Pilot is typically the first CRP, and is usually done one module, or one discipline, at a time. This initial pilot is to test the general appropriateness of processes and to gain a firm understanding of each module. The emphasis is on the specific module and its feature functionality.

Horizontal Pilot
The Horizontal Work Flow Pilot will reproduce a slice of your company across many modules, departments and disciplines. The primary focus of this pilot is to test the relationships between modules and the flow of accurate data across modules.

Procedure Review
A review of the written and automated procedures will provide assurance that the procedures are correctly written, and in a format and style that will make it easy for end users to understand the required steps and actions.

Procedural Pilot
The Procedural Pilot has one function: to test the written and automated procedures to ensure that they are accurate, complete and detailed enough for your user community. The Procedural Pilot may be combined with the Horizontal Pilot.

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