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SyteLine is very simply the best ERP for Manufacturers with depth and breadth that supports manufacturing operations end-to-end.  From CRM through to After-Market Service and Support, world class manufacturing, planning, scheduling, multi-warehouse, multi-site, superb accounting and unparalleled supply chain management, SyteLine scalability allows small manufacturers to get started, and provides the deep functionality needed for larger, multi-national firms. Lower your administrative costs, increase your throughput, improve your top and bottom lines with software that truly supports your business.

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For more than 30 years, LogicData has continually refined and improved its implementation process to ensure our clients benefit from an efficient, focused, cost effective implementation strategy maximizing your  Return on Investment. Because of LogicData’s implementation experience, clients rarely experience a cost or time overrun. The sooner you’re live on SyteLine, the sooner you’ll realize the savings this platform brings to your company.


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We began our selection process by including every mid-market ERP system supplier we could find. After identifying our high-level differentiators, our selection team conducted detailed question and answer sessions in conference calls, and then on-site demonstrations, with representatives from each candidate company. LogicData had the most knowledgeable team that answered all of our questions and responded to our needs, both accurately and in depth. We understood what we were getting, and how we would use it.

With LogicData’s guidance in the implementation process, that same depth of knowledge and experience was a key part of successful implementation. We met our implementation schedule, and we continued to ship on time beginning on the first day of our new ERP system installation.


Marc Osborne
Director of Operations, Stored Energy Systems


I believe Mark and his staff has built LogicData into one of the most honest, ethical and capable SyteLine consulting companies in the country. The staff is passionate, friendly and fun, but most of all their breadth of knowledge is nothing short of awesome!  From advanced planning and scheduling all the way to accounting, LogicData IS the SyteLine consulting leader.  If you have a SyteLine question or problem and LogicData can’t solve it, it can’t be solved!

I have worked with the SyteLine product for 20+ years; when I have a question these are the guys I call. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LogicData for implementation, training, installation, customization or any other facet of SyteLine support.


Bob Berg
General Manager, PTA Plastics


“Alexander Manufacturing has been using Syteline to run our business for 19 years. It is a great fit for us.
A very stable business system with great support. This ERP system does everything we need from Customer Service to Supply Chain Management. The user interface is very intuitive, new users get up to speed quickly. The financials have great integration with Excel so our CFO has his financials setup to run easily and changes to them are simple. We are also using the CRM module that comes with the system. It is pretty good, but we are looking at purchasing their full featured CRM. Overall a very good business system.”

Steve M.
IT Director


“From QuickBooks to Syteline. How did we ever live without it?! We have had a great experience overall. We went from QuickBooks to Syteline and the benefits are immeasurable. We gained a warehouse management system with Factory Track (owned by Infor and integrated with Syteline). We gained a true inventory and resource planning system. We gained a system where everyone is looking at the same information and communication has improved. We have been live on Syteline for close to 2 years and I’m not sure how we functioned without it.

There is a lot to love about this software. Data loading is very easy with the Excel import. You can also export to Excel to manipulate data. Dataviews and Workbench Suite is a nice tool. We also could tell that Infor listens to customer feedback and develops the software based on that feedback which is a huge plus.”

Heather K.
IT Manager

As with cost, implementation time is also dependent on the same factors mentioned above. LogicData offers multiple implementation methodologies that can be adapted to your specific needs and resource availability. Considering a very basic implementation of just the core functionality of SyteLine, and employing a LogicData managed implementation approach, time to value can be achieved in as little as 3-4 months. A full implementation of all core SyteLine functionality utilizing a standard implementation approach, and assuming full client resource availability, can generally be completed in 6 to 8 months. To determine the best implementation methodology and timeline estimate for your specific situation, please contact us.

The cost of software and implementation will vary based on many factors such as user count, functionality requirements, deployment, implementation methodology, customization, data conversion, integration, and internal resources. However, for a basic configuration of SyteLine annual subscription pricing can begin at approximately $18,000 annually for a minimum of 10 users or a one-time cost of $20,000 plus annual maintenance for a minimum of 5 users in an on-premise deployment. A primarily self-directed implementation of such a basic configuration, although not recommended, can likely be achieved for approximately $30,000. LogicData recommends our standard “train-the-trainer” implementation approach which is estimated to start at roughly $65,000 for a basic implementation. For further information on pricing specific to your needs, please contact us.