Artificial Intelligence – The Wave of the Future?

Artificial Intelligence – The Wave of the Future?

Deanne Macdonald Marketing Coordinator headshot | March 14th, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is starting to truly come into its own. 

The Romanian Prime Minister just unveiled a new honorary government adviser that isn’t human. This advisor is a new type of artificial intelligence.

This AI is named Ion and is designed to scan social media to ferret out the major concerns of the Romanian populace. Then, based on this information, It advises methods for the government to address these concerns. Sounds like a good idea. After all, one of the major difficulties with governments is that they don’t always know what the man on the street is truly concerned about. With ION, the government can find out in a moment what they should be doing to help their people. 

However, as with many new inventions there may be downsides to this. 

In the article from, the possibility was mentioned that Ion could be fooled by fake social media accounts designed to push a particular agenda. One could even use bots to make Ion think that Romanians were concerned about something that only a clever computer programmer wants changed. 

The future may very well be a computer eat computer world. 

Then there is ChatGPT, which can write all kinds of articles by searching the web for relevant information and putting it into a format you can use for a college paper, a blog, a marketing campaign or even to post on your website. While the technology is such that it is still fairly obvious that the article was written by an AI rather than a human, we do anticipate that the technology will get better with time.

While some people are predicting a future where children don’t even need to learn to read and write (as the bots can do it for them and then read the results out loud), I still think the human element is key to making anything succeed.

As an example, an ERP system is an amazing computer technology that makes manufacturing much more efficient and profitable. But even this technology needs a good amount of human interaction. We have seen in our decades of experience in implementing ERP, that those implementations where the key personnel are engaged and involved are very successful, and those where the expectation is that the system just needs to be loaded, plugged in and turned on are epically difficult or even fail altogether. 

Some people forget that computer technology, ERP, AI, BI and others, are tools that should be designed to make our lives better in some way. Technology is awesome. My Great-Grandmother used to tell me how technology totally changed her life. Then she would describe the hours of work a simple task like washing clothes took without a washing machine. 

Here at LogicData we are big fans of technology. We think that the ERP system we implement does help manufacturers to be more profitable and successful. So, If you want to explore how our ERP systems can make your life better, feel free to explore our website or give us a call. 

As with cost, implementation time is also dependent on the same factors mentioned above. LogicData offers multiple implementation methodologies that can be adapted to your specific needs and resource availability. Considering a very basic implementation of just the core functionality of SyteLine, and employing a LogicData managed implementation approach, time to value can be achieved in as little as 3-4 months. A full implementation of all core SyteLine functionality utilizing a standard implementation approach, and assuming full client resource availability, can generally be completed in 6 to 8 months. To determine the best implementation methodology and timeline estimate for your specific situation, please contact us.

The cost of software and implementation will vary based on many factors such as user count, functionality requirements, deployment, implementation methodology, customization, data conversion, integration, and internal resources. However, for a basic configuration of SyteLine annual subscription pricing can begin at approximately $18,000 annually for a minimum of 10 users or a one-time cost of $20,000 plus annual maintenance for a minimum of 5 users in an on-premise deployment. A primarily self-directed implementation of such a basic configuration, although not recommended, can likely be achieved for approximately $30,000. LogicData recommends our standard “train-the-trainer” implementation approach which is estimated to start at roughly $65,000 for a basic implementation. For further information on pricing specific to your needs, please contact us.