Infor CloudSuite Doc-Trak

Reduce delay, confusion and errors while gaining access to the crucial information you need to manage your enterprise effectively. 

The rapid pace of Just-in-Time manufacturing requires rapid, perfectly synchronized access to accurate, critical information.


You need a tool that cuts down on paperwork and gives  you the agility you need to respond to rapid changes in every corner of your enterprise as well as the outside business environment.

Doc-Trak is an electronic process documentation product which will

  • Cut down on paperwork

  • Eliminate duplicated effort in various departments

  • Allow you to merge documents together for ease of ordering and tracking

  • Give workers on your Shop floor complete, real-time information for increased efficiency

  • Find any document at the touch of a button

  • Give you instant access to the information you need to make great decisions

  • Reduce paperwork and your environmental footprint

You know that it is  more important than ever to give everyone in your company rapid, unambiguous access to the one version of the truth. CloudSuite Doc-Trak can give you that and much more.

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