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Articles and Brochures

Four Ways to Counter Global Supply Chain Risk

  • What are the critical challenges in running a global supply chain?

  • How do you minimize risk when there are disruptions in your supply chain?

  • How can you best manage complex transportation strategies?

Into Africa - Tapping Resources Beyond China

  • What do you do as shipping from China becomes more difficult?

  • Are China and India still the best import options for manufacturers?

  • Is Africa a viable alternative for international manufacturing?

Why Manufacturers Should Invest in a Modern ERP

  • Is your current ERP system good enough for you to stay ahead of your competetion?

  • What is Modern ERP?

  • Reasons to consider upgrading your ERP.

  • Why should you consider Infor ERP?

Four Key Selection Criteria When Choosing a Modern Business Intelligence Platform

  • How can you choose the best BI platform for your enterprise?

  • How can the right BI increase production in you plant?

  • What are the critical features a good BI should have?

Five Ways Technology can Improve Your Plant's Productivity

  • How to use the internet of things (IoT) to improve your outcomes.

  • How important is it for plant managers to access IT systems from anywhere in the plant.

  • Are the latest innovations in ERP really that important in modern manufacturing?

Claiming Your Spot in the Fast Lane

  • How cloud solutions can help you pursue new business opportunities more quickly without adding expensive infrastructure.

  • Cloud solutions have definite advantages over on-prem solutions. 

  • Information on how Cloud ERP might help your enterprise.

Cybersecurity and Cybercrime - What every business and technology leader should know


Five Ways to Manage the Lifecycle of Your Products More Efficiently and Cost Effectively

  • How to manage product lifecycles efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • How to speed up time to market.

  • Achieving compliance with regulations that affect your manufacturing processes.

  • How to reduce the possibility of a product recall or manage one efficiently if one occurs.

DocTrak Brochure

  • Just in Time manufacturing requires rapid, synchronized access to information. Doc-Trak adds crucial information management to achieve this.

  • Take advantage of automated, rules-based attachments.

  • Find any document quickly. 

  • See how you can cut down on paperwork.

10 Things You Should Know About the Manufacturing Skills Gap

  • 60,000 US manufacturing jobs go untilled each year due to skill shortages.

  • The shortage is estimated to cost manufacturers 11% of annual earnings.

  • 70% of manufacturers report and increase in overtime costs due to skills shortages.

  • How to combat the skills gap.

Four Strategies to Help Move Beyond Lean and Build a Competitive Advantage

  • Two strategies to get more from lean right now.

  • Two strategies to extend lean.

  • Tips for implementing lean manufacturing.


Plastic Fabrication - Brentwood Industries Case Study

Plastic Fabrication - Gloucoucester Engineering

  • Customer story using Infor SyteLine in the Cloud - benefits and challenges.

Workbench Suite

  • Arm your employees with the exact information they need. This enables them to respond quickly to critical issues pertianing to ther role, department or division. 

What's New in SyteLine - Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade

ERP Deployment Options - Power Point

  • Information to help you determine which ERP deployment option is best for your enterprise - On-Premise, Hosted or SaaS. 

  • Each deployment option has benefits and possible drawback depengin on your requirements. This information should help you evaluate your choices. 

Guide to Manufacturing Software

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) key features you need

  • Supply Chain Management - strategy and key solutions

  • Product Lifecycle Management and how this can speed time to market and improve accuracy and efficiency

  • Customer Experience and how to improve it.

  • Enterprise Asset Management to help you make the most of limited resources while managing risk.

Enhancing ERP with APS

  • Increasing your agility with APS.

  • Minute-by-minute planning.

  • Backward and forward scheduling.

  • Tracks the critical path of each and every order.

  • Allows for accurate Capable-to-promise & Available-to-promise.


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