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Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Proper planning and scheduling are the keys to preventing waste of time and materials, bottlenecks, late orders, frustrated executives and unhappy customers. 


CSI (Syteline) APS was designed by people who understand the vital necessities of this aspect of manufacturing and provides:

  • Greater visibility in planning so every order "knows" the jobs and POs it needs, and every supply "knows" the demand it supports

  • Insight into true availability of inventory and resources, such as machines, operators, work centers, tools and facility utilization

  • What-if capabilities to determine the impact of decisions as the system calculates which customer orders will be affected and how projected delivery time frames will change

  • Centalized planning supports site-based, linked MRP and APS, regenerating the plan at each site in order of site priority

  • Explode all assembly schedules into component requirements

  • Consume the forecast with actual orders as they are received

  • Use the master production schedule (MPS) to control production of key end items to help protect your schedule from fluctuations in order-based demand

  • Create purchase orders, jobs or transfer orders automatically with Material Planning Workbench

  • Run Planning for all sites or individual sites

  • Simultaneous materials and resource scheduling - Plans all materials and capacity need to satisfy the customer order

  • Level loads capacity for finite bottlenecks

  • Real-time promise dates - At the time of order entry, obtain a promise date for the order which considers the constraints of both material and capacity

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near one.”                     

                J.R.R. Tolkien

“I have worked with LogicData for nearly 9 years. Originally, we started with them to convert from Progress to SyteLine 7, and now I am just completing SyteLine 7 to SyteLine 8. In projects like this, problems and unexpected issues come up.  What I believe sets LogicData apart from anyone else is the ability to think outside of the box, and then resolve the issues quickly and effectively. I trust LogicData's professional services' group implicitly with upgrade duties and general SyteLine knowledge."

Jeremy Reed

IT Manager, Northwest Aerospace Technologies, Inc.



  • ​Professionally manage external and internal projects to budget

  • Milestone revenue recognition

  • Milestone invoicing

  • Link to manufacturing, purchasing, AP/AR, inventory and G/L through comprehensive interface

  • Work breakdown structure supported

  • Multi-level % to complete analysis

  • Integration to Microsoft Project


  • Schedule production orders, estimate jobs, production schedules generated by MRP or APS

  • Optimize the schedule across the shop floor

  • Support batching, co-products and by-products

  • Prioritize jobs by setting sequence and selection rules

  • View capacity and schedule graphically

  • Drag and drop Gantt Chart scheduling

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