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Can Something Good Come Out of Our Current Crisis?

In the history of the human race, we have weathered many terrible crises. Plagues, pestilence, natural disasters, financial disasters, floods and more. But, being thinking creatures, each disaster brought about advances in technology or increased usage of concomitant technology to prevent or mitigate future disasters of the same kind.

  • The Great London Fire lead to the birth of the Insurance Industry and the Fire Engine.

  • WW I introduced the technology of air-traffic control and mobile x-ray machines.

  • WW II gave us Jets and Radar as well as mass production use of Penicillin.

Now, the current crisis is not anywhere near the magnitude of these other disasters, but can something good come out of the economic impact that just about everyone in the world is experiencing?

We think it can. One of our customers told us this heartening story just the other day. They went live with their new CloudSuite Industrial ERP just last year.

When the lockdown hit for Covid 19, they had to send all of their office staff to work from home. With their old software system, they would not have been able to do that, as it was not accessible outside the four walls of their plant. However, with their new system, they were able to work from home and were pleased that the ERP system worked so well in this new model. This was a pleasant surprise and a non-anticipated benefit.

Our customer told us that the month of May might just turn out to be their highest ever delivery month. He then told us that he didn’t think they could have handled the volume with their old software. It was too clunky, it was too slow, and they were missing too many things. The new system was not only able to handle the increased volume, but it was able to do so with the staff members working from home.

This is an example of how technology can help our friends in manufacturing deal with a changing environment. It has been said that we will never go back to how it was before, and that more and more people will be working from home. While this may or may not be true, if you have a good, reliable ERP System that can be accessed from anywhere, it doesn’t matter which way this goes. You can keep the same levels of production and even expansion whether your people are working in the enterprise or from their homes.

One of our favorite things about CloudSuite Industrial is that it can be deployed to work from a computer terminal or from a web browser – On-Prem or in the Cloud. Unlike other ERP providers, we do give you a choice and will help you to determine which choice is the best for you. As a note, this customer has his system on-prem.

If more manufacturers respond to this crisis by upgrading, or better utilizing or implementing ERP which can enable them to run their plants from anywhere at any time, perhaps we can see a new industrial surge that will be good not only for the manufacturers themselves but also our country and our world. So much of the American economy is driven by manufacturing - 11% by last estimate. Your success is our success and if implementing or upgrading your ERP will contribute to your expansion and economic success, something good might come of all of this.

So, contact us for information on how you can utilize ERP technology to keep your business moving forward no matter what the environment throws at you. We are here to help American Manufacturers become more successful and more profitable. We would love to include you in that list.


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