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LogicData Provides Insight into Production Scheduling Software

Updated: Jun 17

LogicData president and CEO, Mark Feldhamer, was recently featured in an article on manufacturing production scheduling. The article, “Production scheduling software emerges as channel opportunity,” written by John Moore for TechTarget, outlines the increasing interest among manufacturers in production scheduling systems in light of growing supply chain complexity.

The article, which was published online on September 24, 2015, describes the concerns manufacturers face without production scheduling systems in place. “As the company grows…a manufacturer is typically forced to do something to formalize their scheduling and planning – or suffer the pain of processes going out of control,” stated Feldhamer.

Feldhamer further remarked, “While it’s more efficient to have one line manufacture one product and one size continuously, there are few products where that uniformity is feasible.”

To complicate matters more, scheduling accuracy relies on updates from workers on the production floor. The organization’s ERP system must be fed the production information as it progresses, but the human interaction requires the interface to capture that data have a shop floor friendly user experience. This increases accuracy and efficiency.

“When the scheduling software's algorithms run overnight, the system can calculate the remaining time required to wrap up the job and schedule the following day accordingly,” commented Feldhamer. The article in its entirety is available at

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