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Advanced Plant Maintenance

people in hardhats looking at industrial plant

Prevent unexpected production shutdowns and increase enterprise asset life.

Infor Advanced Plant Maintenance (APM) is best-in-class asset management software that has the ability to grow with your organization.

It is highly configurable, yet can fulfill most of your needs straight out of the box. Infor APM supports your specialized industry requirements – turning your organization’s asset management into a competitive advantage.

Asset Management

Infor APM helps you keep your major assets running at peak efficiency. It allows you to:

  • Record, maintain, and standardize asset information.
  • Capture the identity, configuration, and structure of physical assets
  • Track current position (either by location, functional position, or tag) as well as past locations and maintenance history
  • Fully integrates to asset depreciation
  • Schedule regular maintenance of production equipment and the technicians required
  • Interfaces with shop floor scheduling to remove equipment under maintenance from available capacity

​Materials Management

Ensure your maintenance department has the parts and supplies they need to keep your assets producing. Minimize the working capital invested in stocked parts and supplies, and automate storage room management, purchase requisitioning, goods receipts and returns, parts repair, and record-keeping.

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