Shop Floor Control

Organize and regulate the production floor with ERP designed to fit your manufacturing needs.


“I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.”
– Jerome K. Jerome

Work order driven (job shop)

  • Use the Material Planner Workbench to manage the creation of all of your jobs in a single screen
  • Schedule resources based on finite or infinite capacity
  • Split and merge jobs to better handle rework and overruns
  • Issue materials to a work order or back flush materials automatically, based on operation or job completions
  • Enter transactions manually or post automatically with bar code data collection or back flushing
  • Fully track serialized and lot control components
  • Alternate routings and alternate materials

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Production Schedules (Repetitive)

  • Allows Manufacturers to be flexible in authorizing production
  • ​Reduce effort in establishing and maintaining production plans
  • Reduce paperwork and system transactions
  • Charge costs to items produced in the work center based on the standard BOM and routing
  • Track cumulative production for an item in time buckets you choose (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • Suited for make-to-stock finished goods or stocked components


SyteLine Shop-Trak automates your entire range of shop floor workforce administration and execution tasks. You’ll get more done with less effort at a lower cost by adding a powerful set of features to the SyteLine solution you already have.

You get quality at every step of your manufacturing process with Shop-Trak. With support for your current plant entry security devices, as well as touch screen simplicity, biometric support, bar code printing, and data collection device support, you’ll gain higher quality faster at less effort.

Production execution

  • Job moves and completes
  • JIT transactions
  • eKanban replenishments for internally and externally sources parts and components

Real time production schedules and dispatching

Time and attendance with labor collection

  • Achieve flawless accounting of payroll and job costing while starting or ending any number of machines at any time with simultaneous multiple machine management
  • Allow one employee to process multiple jobs on a single machine simultaneously or in rapid succession
factory worker using computer terminal on factory floor

Batched Production

  • Tell the Scheduler how batches should be formed including how jobs/production schedules will be batched together and when a batch will be released to be processed
  • Define operations that use the batch definitions
  • View a summary of batch activity that occurs during a scheduling run

Co-Products and By-Products

  • Create jobs that make groups of items, rather than a single item
  • Create Co-product mixes
  • Support both actual and standard costs
  • Support product schedules and estimates for By-products
  • Perform lot tracking
  • Assign cost distribution percentage between material, labor and machine for each co-product job operation
  • Process job material transactions to record receipt of By-products into inventory