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GAP Analysis

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Ensure you are getting the most out of your ERP system with a post implementation GAP Analysis.

Like any tool, ERP is only effective when it is properly used. New personnel, forgotten features and old bad habits can all affect how much you get out of your system. We want you to get the most benefit possible from your ERP. To that end, we offer a service to help you maximize your results for current and future success.

A GAP Analysis, or post implementation audit, is equally as important as any other phase of an implementation, but is often skipped or seen as unnecessary.

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An audit is simply a review, assessment, survey, or continual improvement program to make sure your ERP and the people running it, are operating at peak efficiency for optimum results.  An audit can be performed after training, data conversion, cut over, 2 to 3 months after go-live or anytime you want to improve system usage and procedures.

A GAP Analysis provides a formal review of the implementation and  provides a scorecard to help you determine if the business and management objectives of the company have been reached. More importantly, the GAP Analysis provides direction for where the implementation process needs to go next.

With an audit you can:

  • Ensure proper execution of key business processes
  • Measure user understanding and competency
  • Identify areas of conflict and potential improvement
  • Establish performance measurements against business goals
  • Provide direction to “Plan Forward”

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Schedule an audit anytime you have these situations in your business.

  • After any major phase of an implementation
  • Before or after significant system upgrades
  • Before or after major business changes
  • Before or after mergers or acquisitions
  • After high levels of staff turnovers
  • Before large staff expansions
  • When conflicts between departments or responsibilities have developed
  • Before writing procedures if you never had written procedures
  • Before annual or semi-annual checkups.

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