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Why tolerate the problems inherent in outdated technology when you could have the most efficient, up-to-date solution for your enterprise?
“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.”
                                            – Abraham Maslow

Moving from prior versions of SyteLine to the current release requires technical, application and project management skills.  Because we’ve completed dozens of these conversions, we know the issues and how to navigate the waters to ensure a positive impact on your business. Beginning with our thorough survey and gap analysis, we can establish a realistic budget and time-frame for your company to upgrade.  We will review with you the specific issues that must be addressed, including

  • Current version
  • Number of sites
  • Database sizes
  • Number of users
  • Modules in use
  • Add-on or third party products
  • Existing custom modifications, and
  • Network infrastructure.

Based on the survey/analysis results, we will help you design a conversion project that will consist of:

  • Specification of proper servers to run the new release
  • Data clean up in your current version to minimize conversion time and errors
  • Preliminary data conversion
  • Implementation team training
  • Piloting of new system and new functionality
  • Documentation of new or changed procedures
  • Specification, design and production of any needed modifications, customizations or reports
  • End user training
  • Final conversion for go-live
  • Go-live execution
  • Post go-live support

Due to the large number of conversions we have completed, LogicData has developed a number of checklists, programs and conversion tools that speed the process and minimize errors.

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