Precision-Engineered-ERP-Implementation concept


Precision-Engineered-ERP-Implementation concept
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With SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) you have the ability to run all of the different areas of your enterprise without resorting to dozens of systems, none of which communicate to one another.

With CSI ERP, production won’t be unduly delayed by having to locate that particular person who knows their departmental system. The company itself will have all the data available at the touch of a button. This will not only improve scheduling but will also allow growth of the company. Implementation of CloudSuite Industrial will save you time and money while preventing mistakes and avoiding unnecessary stress.


LogicData has successfully helped hundreds of manufacturers implement ERP systems. Our purpose is to make American Manufacturing more profitable and successful and everything we do is geared to make this a reality.

If you are looking for a world class ERP system and an implementation partner who can make your transition as painless as possible, we are the right choice for you. Whether you are looking for a new Enterprise Resource Planning solution or are trying to improve the performance of your existing system, LogicData can help. Our expert consultants have helped hundreds of manufacturers implement ERP successfully.

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“There is a lot to love about this software. Data loading is very easy with the Excel import. You can also export to Excel to manipulate data. Dataviews and Workbench Suite is a nice tool. We also could tell that Infor listens to customer feedback and develops the software based on that feedback which is a huge plus.”
Heather Koch
IT Manager, Cosmos Corporation

As with cost, implementation time is also dependent on the same factors mentioned above. LogicData offers multiple implementation methodologies that can be adapted to your specific needs and resource availability. Considering a very basic implementation of just the core functionality of SyteLine, and employing a LogicData managed implementation approach, time to value can be achieved in as little as 3-4 months. A full implementation of all core SyteLine functionality utilizing a standard implementation approach, and assuming full client resource availability, can generally be completed in 6 to 8 months. To determine the best implementation methodology and timeline estimate for your specific situation, please contact us.

The cost of software and implementation will vary based on many factors such as user count, functionality requirements, deployment, implementation methodology, customization, data conversion, integration, and internal resources. However, for a basic configuration of SyteLine annual subscription pricing can begin at approximately $18,000 annually for a minimum of 10 users or a one-time cost of $20,000 plus annual maintenance for a minimum of 5 users in an on-premise deployment. A primarily self-directed implementation of such a basic configuration, although not recommended, can likely be achieved for approximately $30,000. LogicData recommends our standard “train-the-trainer” implementation approach which is estimated to start at roughly $65,000 for a basic implementation. For further information on pricing specific to your needs, please contact us.